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Heartland Juvenile Services Association - HJSA

HJSA News / Upcoming Training
Steering Committee Members
The overall mission of this Association is to strengthen and improve a juvenile justice continuum of care for youth and their families by joining  members of the justice system, juvenile service providers, and other stakeholders throughout the Heartland region of the United States in mutual efforts to provide education on the implementation of best practices.


Heartland Juvenile Services Association (HJSA)

2014 Conference April 10-11 at the

Regency Marriott Hotel in Omaha.


Plenary Speakers

Thursday April 10th - Katy Hutchison

In her very personalized presentation, entitled Walking After Midnight:The Story of Bob, Katy clearly describes how alcohol and other drug use, bullying, peer pressure, and misguided choices in an unchaperoned setting caused devastation to her family.  Her story will move you and inspire you.



 Friday April 11th – Phil Chalmers

In his powerful presentation, entitled Why Teens Kill, Phil will discuss current youth culture, examine the warning signs, causes, triggers and prevention measures that can be taken with youth violence.